Sol #29 talk trash to my teacher

So at the beginning of the year I was talking trash about my teacher how because she said that she was better than me but I said she wasn’t so I said “no you are not you are trash” she said she not I said if you are not trash you whould vs me one vs she said ok and we never did. So if we do I will blog about it and that will by new best blog. Well sorry this Is short well thank you for reading my blog.bye!

Sol #28 last place

So I think you are thinking what do you mean losing? So if you read sol #11 Harry Potter I was talk about my classmates get put in group like Harry Potter the groups are named Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw,Gryffindor. And yesterday my teacher told us who is winning and we are losing here is the order 1 place is hufflepuff, 2 place is gryffindor, 3 place ravenclaw, and 4 place is slytherin, And when been in last place for a long time. And I have not been trying for a long time because what happened to my cousin and when people talk about my family will cry,that why I don’t talk about it. Well what he has starts with a C that all that I can give you. When thank you for reading my blog.bye!

Sol #27 basketball game

So I was sleep in till my dad said that I have a game today so I jump up and I brush my teeth then I change clothes. Next i ran down stair but I skip 3 stair and on the last stairs I fell. I didn’t care I ran to eat breakfast, so when I am done I change clothes again and this time I change in my uniform. Next I grabbed my basketball,phone, and my headphones. I went in the car and left. My mom dropped me off and then she came back and watch me play, I made it and mom started screaming because I a made the three. It the end of the game it was 28-20… WE WON I was happy 😃. My mom said that I made a lot of baskets I said that we all did. Well thank you for reading my blog.bye!

Sol #26 last week for blog but not for me!

So one one week until spring break and that when blogging is over and I have 19 but I need 31 so we can still blog on April so that what I’m going to do. How am I’m going to blog on April it because we were going to start on April but we didn’t so we started in March and I said that I was going to stop on my birthday, and that on April,9 and I missed 5 so if I don’t miss any more I can make it. So let’s pray that I don’t miss any more. Well wish me luck! Thank you for reading my blog.

Sol #25 reading group

So I have reading group at 9:30 and I love my group but when we got a chapter book name “stay away from Simon” every chapter we had to go on Flipgrid and tell about what we learn and we did it sometime I did it. But when we finish the book my teacher said make a trailer like a movie. But the more important things and I did what she said I add word the most important thing and add a few pictures. The next day, so now we have to share it to my group and I went last and when the boy’s share it it was good but they didn’t add words all they did was add pictures so I didn’t know what the book was about. And we had I talk and we were said that we should add more effort in are work and that we should listen to want she said. Well now we can’t get no more chapter book and I LOVE chapter books I love to have chapter in the group. Well thank you for reading my blog. I hope you get to read chapter books! Continue reading Sol #25 reading group

Sol #24 cook out

my Cousins are leaving 3/26/19 so we said that we should all meet at my house And have a cook out so we got tamales,rice,toco, papas (potatoes). So we ate before they left then when we were done they could pack up. And then when they leave we can say bye, and at least my sister can get her room back she had to sleep in mine. She had to sleep on my couch, and I’m cool with that but, she on the phone for like 20 hours and when I’m trying to see she talks so LOUD. So we had the cook out and then they packed. Well thank you for reading my blog.

Sol #22 blog score

So I have NOT been blog so much but I think I can do this because last year I didn’t blog at all. But this year I’m going to try from ever, and I haven’t blog at all those years but I am now and when my finger heals then I can blog faster my hand right now is really slow so wish me good luck but yeah. My score is to get 35 and we have to get up to 31 but I am going to go higher. And some of my classmates are going to 21 or 30 so I don’t like they care but this is my goal this year now to get up to 31. And I think I have 7 or 12 I don’t know but I am going to try. I wonder what we get if we get 31 I forgot what it was. But yeah thank you for reading my blog.bye! (Oh and if you are going to say why is the picture so hard to see it because I have to hide my classmates names)

Sol #21 why I don’t talk (unhappy)


I’m sometimes Always unhappy because of people or if I did something really bad today. And I can’t help it but I  don’t wanna someone in this so I said “ no I’m ok,” or I will said that “ I don’t wanna to talk about it” because there is people that ask that if the can help or if I’m ok so I say no I’m ok or I don’t wanna to talk about it. And I know if someone see this they are going to ask why don’t you wanna to talk. It because of sometimes I mad or sad and it sometimes thing we don’t really like to talk about it with teachers and others so I don’t want to get involved with stuff that Been happening to me like I might move but it better for me. But I know that tomorrow is going to be a bad day for me. Well thank you for reading my blog. Bye

Sol #20 first day of spring!🎁 🎂

Today is the first day of spring and I love spring why because my birthday in spring and my friend “c” birthday the end of March and My birthday is on April 9 but we have a cake and everything on April 1 and I sorry but I kinda don’t really like my birthday because idk. lol  but I did the when it my friends birthdays because at school we sing happy birthday to them! Well thank you for reading my blog post. Bye!

Sol #19 classroom

I back, so I’m blogging about my classroom . In my classroom change and I blog about my now sometimes we can’t handle flexible seating we seat with are best friends. But we like it so much it is really cool that sometime we can seat with are friends and it scaring sometimes because sometimes when you are on a level zero people talk to they’re friends and we will get dojo points off or we will call home. Ok thank you for reading my blog!